Santiago: Clubbing in Yoga Pants

My first morning in Chile I woke up hung-over, smelly, and with coins stuck all over my body. I had been in Santiago for approximately 17 hours, and was already falling for the complexity of this city.


The previous night had been danced at away at a posh night club, where I had been sorely underdressed. I found myself wriggling around to techno music dressed in the same yoga pants and sweatshirt I’d been wearing for 3 days of travel, as beautiful Chileans floated around me in little black dresses, heels, and collared shirts. These Chileans however, could not have been more fun to party with. They ignored my sandaled feet, nonexistent Spanish and greasy hair, and insisted on sharing their drinks of pisco-cola, or “piscola” with me. After dancing with my new friends for 6 hours, I had found my way back to the hostel and drunkenly fell asleep on my open wallet, which resulted in a layer of coins being glued to my body by sweat.

During my five day stay in Santiago, this city continued to surprise me. I got lost in the cobbled streets, climbed Santa Lucia, a fort that towers over the city and made friends at the brewery “Loom.”

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