To be raw and simple, I am addicted traveling. It’s my drug; it’s that little hit of dopamine that keeps me craving more. I like getting lost. I like meeting strangers. I like running for buses and I like jumping off the occasional cliff, literally and metaphorically. I love that moment in the middle of chaos, when you find absolute peace.


I took my first hit of “travel-dopamine” when I was 15. I had somehow convinced my mum to let me spend a year in Germany with a host family, and I came back 12 months later 30lbs heavier and with a new outlook on life.

Studying in Seattle

I did apply to universities, and accepted admission at University of Washington in Seattle, however I was still craving travel. It was literally all I could think about. No matter how much I studied and over caffeinated my brain in Seattle coffee shops, thoughts and fantasies of all the places that I needed to see in the world, overwhelmed my brain.

Tired of fighting my urge to travel, I applied to study abroad and in March of 2013 I found myself boarding a plane to live in Vienna, Austria for the next three months.


To be totally honest, I went a little crazy when I lived in Austria. I was utterly hooked on traveling. I budgeted like crazy, and managed to spend only $30 on food a week, and would spend up to $120 each weekend flying or catching a train to a new city.


In the duration of those three months, I managed to travel to 11 different countries, spend nearly all the money I had in the world and make so many friends who I am still in contact today.

Being able to do literally, anything I wanted was extremely liberating, and probably a little dangerous. Since then, I have kept traveling as a passion, and spent many more months abroad in incredible, timeless places. I was in Bangkok, Thailand during the military coup of 2014 when the prime minister was impeached. I’ve paddled through ice caves in Alaska and had a bonfire on an iceberg. I was peed on by a baby hummingbird in Guatemala. The list goes on.

Since my first time abroad, my style of travel has definitely changed. I no longer want to hit as many countries as possible, but rather try to understand as many as possible, which takes much longer.

So each place I go, I try and talk to as many locals and travelers as possible. I also try to visit as many breweries and bars as possible. What? A girl’s got to have a little fun, and what better place to bond with locals and understand the drinking and social culture than the local booze spot.


Anyways, here’s to endless adventure. Need advice on the best beers in the country you’re at, or how to eat a tarantula with a straight face, (just kidding, haven’t mastered that skill yet), or any random question at all, I’m your girl! Not quite qualified for any physiological advice though.

Cheers, and happy traveling!


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